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In Person and Online Mental Health Therapy Services for Anxiety and Depression in Boca Raton, FL

It seems as though lately you've been feeling trapped by anxious thoughts and unrelenting worry. You've found yourself avoiding certain social situations or going after the things you want because of fears about how things could play out. Perhaps you've found yourself panicking and flooded with overwhelming emotions, feeling frozen and unable to take action. It's gotten so bad that your anxiety has started to contribute to your health issues and is keeping you up at all hours of the night, leaving you fatigued, drained, and lethargic. 

You feel a constant sense of sadness and emptiness. Perhaps you struggle to feel hope about your future or find worth within yourself. Maybe you’ve lost interest in things that used to bring you joy, and can no longer find the motivation to jump back into past beloved hobbies, relationships, and activities. 

You don’t have to keep living this way. Anxiety and depression can both cause significant impairment to people and their well-being. I utilize my training in DBT and CBT to help clients gain tools to change thinking patterns which may be contributing to their anxiety and depression symptoms, along with tools to create changes in behavior which will help to achieve an improved mood and outlook on life. Contact me to find out how you can get support for your anxiety and depression, and begin to free yourself from the pain of your symptoms.

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