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In Person and Online Mental Health Therapy Services for Addiction and Recovery

I work with clients to examine their addiction patterns in order to achieve a greater understanding of their addiction to achieve emotional relief.  In understanding that, clients can then identify new behaviors and skills to achieve sobriety. Clients also explore how to develop healthier, more compassionate relationships with themselves to help support long-term recovery.

I work with clients who are actively focused on their recovery and are committed to achieving and maintaining sobriety. I help clients identify the people, places, and things which serve as triggers for relapse, and support them in creating both behavioral changes and more adaptive belief systems about the world and themselves in order to maintain long-term sobriety.

I also help clients uncover the underlying issues which have driven them to use substances. Clients with addiction are often struggling with trauma, anxiety, and depression. By uncovering these underlying issues, we can actively work on repairing these areas in order to reduce the need for substances as a form of emotional relief. 

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